Nice to meet you!

Emily & Michiel

We are Michiel & Emily, welcome to our bed & breakfast!
We would like to introduce ourselves, because although we respect the privacy of our guests, we will regularly meet each other during your stay at De Mansarde.

After a long time of daydreaming we decided to go for it and open our own B&B. The house behind us became vacant, so this was the chance!
In 2021 this house was completely renovated and turned into a bed & breakfast under the supervision of Michiel.
A project like this, with Michiel’s technical background, has always been high on his bucket list.
And for me, Emily, after 14 years of experience in the hotel industry, it was time for a new step! New, because we started at zero to create a nice place for our guests. But at the same time also familiar, because the basis is and remains our passion for hospitality.

We think it is important to give our guests a warm and personal welcome, with sincere attention.
And not only us, our daughters also regularly lend a hand!

Hope to see you soon!