For breakfast, we serve an extensive platter in collaboration with Anne&Max. This breakfast consists as much as possible of organic, fair trade and artisanal products. Vegan or gluten free? Everything is possible!
You can optionally book breakfast for € 15.00 per person. You can choose whether to have breakfast with us (in the garden when the weather is nice) or at Anne&Max’s (10 min. walk).
Or 1 day with us, the other with Anne&Max, for a bit of variety!
If you want to arrange breakfast yourself, that is of course also possible and therefore you can use our refrigerator and crockery.

Shared areas

In addition to the comfortable rooms, we offer more facilities. Take a seat on the couch in the living room and feel free to grab one of the books or magazines we have available. Just turn on the TV and watch that important sports game? Also possible! For the game freaks we have enough choice and for this you can move to the kitchen. You can get coffee and tea here for free. For a small fee you can grab a drink from the fridge. Want to cook a meal yourself? This is possible if you have reserved the house exclusively as a group. This is unfortunately not possible for individual reservations due to safety and practical reasons. However, there is an oven, microwave and crockery available. Finally, there is also a lovely garden that you can use!

Bicycle rental

There is so much to see and to do in the area!
Of course you can bring your own (electric) bicycle or mountainbike. They can be safely stored in the garage. You can also rent an (electric) bicycle from us. The costs are € 12.50 per day for a normal bicycle and € 25.00 per day for an electric bicycle. Please make a reservation in advance!